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Dental Bonding and Contouring (Tooth Reshaping) – Strongsville, OH

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About Dental Bonds and Contour

For certain cosmetic problems, like cracks, stains, and chips, dental bonding and contouring at DentalWorks Strongsville in Strongsville, OH can provide a more beautiful and healthy smile. Dental bonding is one of the easiest cosmetic dental treatments at DentalWorks Strongsville by our dentists that uses a liquid resin to cover decay and imperfections. The bonding material is colored to match the real teeth so it appears invisible. Dental bonding can also be used to make the teeth look longer. This cosmetic enhancement fills in small spaces between the teeth, and smoothes the edges for an even, natural appearance resulting in high-quality smile.

What to Expect

Dental bonding is performed in DentalWorks Strongsville's dental office and is generally pain-free so it does not require sedation. To prep the tooth and get it ready for effective bonding, our dentists will scrape the top surface of the tooth and apply a conditioning gel. Before it is applied, the resin is created to match the patient's natural tooth shade and then carefully painted onto the enamel. A special light is applied to harden and set the resin until it completely covers the treated area. After this process, our dentists will polish and buff the surface of the tooth to make certain the bonded teeth are even. The natural teeth can also be contoured and polished with polishing instruments to take away sharp edges.

Treatment Aftercare

Individuals at DentalWorks Strongsville may find that their newly bonded and contoured teeth feel funny at first, but patients gradually get used to the new addition to their smile. To prolong the lift of dental bonding, our patients should attend ongoing dental check-ups with our dentists. After your bonding treatment, patients will need to avoid staining foods and drinks, as well as tobacco products and teeth grinding. With a proactive dental care approach, this cosmetic treatment can last for a number of years before an additional treatment is needed.

Insurance Coverage

Dental bonding may be needed to fix a chipped or discolored tooth. But because this is a cosmetic treatment, dental insurance may or may not cover the expense. If this treatment is suggested to fix the teeth, insurance may apply. Our staff at DentalWorks Strongsville will call each patient's insurance company to confirm the coverage and overall fees. If insurance does not apply, our dentists at DentalWorks Strongsville are proud to offer affordable payment options.

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Quick, Easy Fixes

For beautiful improvement, dental bonding at DentalWorks Strongsville in Strongsville, OH can create wonderful results in just one office visit. This treatment corrects discolored and chipped teeth for lasting results. As one of our most popular treatments, dental bonding and contouring by our dentists can give you the beautiful smile you have dreamed of. Get in touch with DentalWorks Strongsville today and discover what dental bonding can do for you.

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